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Things Halaloo Can Do For You

Wherever Halaloo is performing you can expect laughter!

Halaloo taitors each performance to meet the needs of the event, be it a school show, Clown Ministry Event or a Birthday Party... you can be sure it will be a show made for you!

Halaloo will make your even memorable. He can even provide Balloon Decor!!!

From teaching classes in Clown Makeup, Props, Story Telling with Balloons, down Ministry, Juggling, Balloon Art and more! 


Halaloo is in great demand, don't be disappointed, book early!

Groups Halaloo belongs to

Halaloo is a active member of:

Clowns Canada (Has held the position of Vice President)

Fellowship of Christian Magicians

Clowns of American International

Is a founding member of COAI's Online Alley "Giggle-Bytes"

Writes (and has written) for International Clown Magazines "The Cross and the Clown" "The Calliope" 

Has been a member of:

London Clown Alley

Brantford Clown Alley

Cheerleaders for Christ

International Brotherhood of Magicians

Toronto Fellowship of Christian Magicians, Local Chapter

Buffalo Clown Alley

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West Lincoln, Ontario, Canada

(905) 518-4782

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