Where is Halaloo?

Some places you can find Halaloo

July 5th Grimsby Farmer's Market (Hope-Filled Balloons there too)

July 5th Tim Horton's Field Movie Night

July 12 Grimsby Farmer's Market 

July 20   Night at the Dairy

July 21-22 Pelham Summer Fest (location and times will be announced)

August 2 Tim Horton's Field "Movie Night"

August 9 Grimsby Farmer's Market

August 12th Hope-Filled Balloons at NOTL Peach Festival

August 30 Tim Horton's Field "Movie Night"

September 6 Grimsby Farmer's Market

September 13th Pelham Farmer's Market

September 18th Juggling Club and soon after Balloon Club starts at St Martin School (Smithville) for the 12th year!!!

September 15 Hamilton Farmer's Market (Art Crawl)

September 29 Meridian's Grape and Wine Parade pre-show

October 4th Pelham Farmer's Market

October 20 to 28th DISNEY!!